Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fanfic By Richess
In Alpha Order
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Another Saturday Night by Spikes Hunnies (Richess, Love's Bitch, Hilary & Python Chick)
Summary: Three friends meet a very interesting vampire.
Ship: Spike/Various. Rated: PG13


Black Leather by Richess & Miss Binks
Summary: Spike and his Slayers. Go figure. Just a little PWP to put a little smile on everyone's faces. Ship: Spike/Faith. Set after S3’s Lover's Walk. Rated: NC- 17


Black Leather 2 by Richess & Miss Binks
Summary: Spike comes back to Sunnydale to have a romp with his favourite slayer and finds her in the arms of Angelus. Ship: Spike/Faith. Set during Enemies. Rated: NC- 17


Buffy's Wish by Richess & Hilary
Summary: A take on Season 3 episode 'The Wish'. Story starts from 'Into the Woods' in season 5. As every BTVS fans know Buffy and alcohol don't mix.
Ship: Spike/Buffy Rated: PG-13 for language

Can't No Man
by Richess & Hilary
Summary: Spike runs an errand for Giles and gets more than he expected.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. Rated: PG13.


Summary: Spike meets a Doctor that will change his unlife forever.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. Starts from the end of Blood Ties. Rated: PG13

Cherish The Day: Revised or Cherish The Day: Original Version
by Richess & Hilary
Summary: Buffy gets sent back in time. Ship: Buffy/William. Set after the Intervention. Rated: PG13.
Note: The revised version as extra scenes that the original version doesn't.

by Richess & Hilary
Summary: This fic ends four consecutive BTVS episodes, Listening to Fear, Into The Woods, Triangle, and Checkpoint. Each part has been the continuation of the above-mentioned episodes, as well as past seasons' references.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. ] Rated: PG-13

Destiny Series + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5
Summary: When a mysterious woman comes into town Spike's unlife will change forever and Buffy will find out that a Slayer's destiny is always changing. REVISED.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. Rated: R. *WIP*

Die Without You
Summary: Challenge by Isabelle: Buffy comes back after Season 5 to find Spike very attached to Dawn but avoiding her completely. Must have Buffy admitting she is interested/loves Spike in public. Spike in a motorcycle. Anya flirting with another guys and Xander having a jealousy attack and kissing Tara in the mist of it all.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. Rated: PG-13. Due to another great writer finishing this challenge I doubt that I will finish this fic.

Get Along
by Richess & Hilary
Summary: Set after Checkpoint. Someone from the future is sent back into time to save Buffy from dying.
Ship: Spike/Buffy Buffy/Other. Rated: PG-13

Getting In The Way + Ch. 5-8 + Ch. 9-11 + Ch. 12-14 + Epilogue
When Buffy begins to date a new guy Spike suspects that he is not everything the Slayer thinks he is. Things to know: Spike is not in love with Buffy at this point. This takes part after Into the Woods. Rated: R. Chapter 10 ~ Chapter 11 *WIP*


He's Mine by Richess & Hilary

Summary: Spike's stalker is back in town and this time she has a plan that will change Spike and Buffy's life forever. A Spike/Other, Spike/Buffy ship. A sequel to Mine.

I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
by Richess & Hilary
Summary: A slashy type fic set in season 5, Spike and ??? read the story. Rated: R.


Memories Are Made Of This by Richess & Hilary
Summary: This is an alternative ending to The Gift. Buffy comes back, but not fully.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. Rated: PG.

Summary: Spike is being stalked. Set after Checkpoint. The concept is taken from the ATS episode, "The Shroud of Rahmon". Rating: R (to be safe)

Not A Real Substitute
Summary: Set after IWMTLY. This fic will only make sense if you’ve seen all season five up to the mentioned episode. Spike and ‘Buffy’ go on a date to the Bronze and run into some trouble. This is a really short fic.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. Rated: PG13


Once More With Connor by UnnaturalBrats a Dawn/Connor Shipper Group WWW ~ email
Summary: Season 6 of BTVS, rewritten, adding Connor to the mix. PG13
Credits: TV Guide Designer - RavenDrusilla
Once the RR is finished I will add all parts to Strictly Fic.
Pic - Chapter 5 - All The Way by Richess
Pic - Chapter 12 - Dead Things by Richess
Pic - Chapter 19- Villains by Richess
Pic - Chapter 20- Two To Go by Richess


Only The Ones  by Richess & Hilary
Summary: Set after Crush. Buffy gets seriously injured and there is only one person that can help her. Ship: Spike/Buffy. Rated: PG.

Out Of Order + Ch. 2 + Ch. 3 + Ch. 4 + Ch. 5 + Ch. 6 + Ch. 7 + Ch. 8 + Ch. 9 + Ch. 10
Summary: Buffy is on her summer vacation after the end of Season One and blonde vampire comes to the city to find the Slayer. This is a complete reversal of season 2.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. Rated: R. *WIP*

Past & Present: A Slayer Series
Summary: After Willow and Tara try a spell Buffy gets to view the last moments of past Slayers lives, and it will change the way she looks at her destiny and how she sees Spike. Rated: PG-13

Summary: Spike can acquires the aspect of a demon and must help Buffy destroy a Master vampire. Set in season 4 of BTVS and assumes knowledge of BTVS episodes 'Lie to Me', 'Anne', 'Earshot' and 'Harsh Light Of Day' and Angel season one episode 'In The Dark'.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. Rated: R – for adult themes of sex, talk of rape, mutilation, torture. *WIP*


Stranger In My House by Richess & Hilary
Summary: Set in season 5 after ‘Crush’. Someone from Spike’s past gives him a second chance. What might Spike want to do or undo. Five alternative endings to this fic. Pick at your own risk. Rated: PG-13

Taken By Surprise | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 |
Summary: Set a couple of months after Lover's Walk, Spike goes up North and unbeknownst to him fulfils a prophecy regarding him and two slayers. Warning: This a Spike and baby story just to warn all. It will eventually lead to a Spike/Buffy ship so bear with me. Rated: PG-13 to a slight R. *WIP*

Taking The Hard Way Out by JBF Hair Round Robin ~ WWW ~ email
Summary: Set mid-season 2, the Scoobies & the Scourge of Europe find themselves scrambling to find out the meaning of a mysterious prophecy before time runs out & disaster strikes. Ship: Spike/Buffy, with B/A, W/O, D/S, C/X & D/A undertones. Rated: NC- 17

Tearing Down The Walls
Summary: Spike's POV during the bumpy grindy ending "events" of Smashed.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. Rated: R.

The Sweetest Taboo:Revised ~ The Sweetest Taboo: Original
Buffy meets a stranger who gives her some insight into her life and also makes her realize that things aren’t always black and white especially when it comes to love. Spike risks his body to save Buffy. Set after Crush. Song fic.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. Rated: PG13
Note: The revised version has a different song and some new dialogue.

The Walls Came Crumbling Down
Summary: Buffy's POV during the bumpy grindy ending "events" of Smashed.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. Rated: R

Thinking Of You
Summary: Set during The Gift, what Buffy did when she went up the stairs. Rated: PG

Wanna Be: Prologue + Ch. 1 + Ch. 2 + Ch. 3 + Ch. 4 + Ch. 5 + Ch. 6 + Ch. 7 + Ch. 8 + Ch. 9 + Ch. 10
Summary: Faith finally becomes one of the scoobies after a lot of hard work and some TLC from a certain vampire.
Ship: Spike/Faith. This a challenge response. Spike’s Kitten website. An alternate version of This Year's Girl and the rest of season's 4 & 5. *WIP* Rated: NC17.  


Was It Worth It? by Richess & Miss Binks
Summary: This is a challenge response, This story begins at the end of Amends as then departs from then entire Season Three story line. Angel does something that changes the scoobies forever and makes Spike extremely happy. Ship: Spike/Buffy with B/A, S/W undertones. Rated: NC- 17


Who Am I? by Richess & Hilary
After a battle with Glory, decides to get rid of Buffy's of Spike by making his worst fear come true. Ship: Spike/Buffy Buffy/William. Rated: PG

Without You
Summary: Spike thinks of what could have been between him and Buffy. Plus a missing scene from The Gift.
Ship: Spike/Buffy. WARNING Character Death. Rated: PG.