HM. = Honourable Mentions Awards.  All Awards will be posted DECEMBER 31st.

Emails to Winner will be sent December 31st

Spike/Buffy Awards

Outstanding NC17 Series
1. The Wacky Adventures of Spike and Buffybot by mr. monkeybottoms
2. Castaway by Ripe Wicked Plum
HM.Heart Don't Lie by Nautibitz
HM.Haunted by Kantayra

Best PWP Fic
1.All Over It by NautiBitz
1.Treat by Kantayra
HM.And the Walls Came Crumbling Down by Guardian Angel
HM.Dedication by Ripe Wicked Plum

Best Romance Fic
1.Journeys by Mary
2.Gentle by OneTwoMany
HM.All in a Whisper by Sweetie
HM.Destinations of the Heart by Ariane
HM.The Question Game by Kimberly

Best Episode Stealer Fic
1.Wild Things by Nautibitz
1.Offerings by OneTwoMany
2.Out Of My Head by A.J. Hofacre
HM.But Not Forgotten by Rabid/Reann

Best Alternative Universe Fic
Setting Him Free by Moxie
2.A Touch of Jealousy by Echinda
HM.Blue Horizons by Kantayra

Best Angst Fic
1.Taking Back the Night by Larilyn
2.The Sweet Spot by 1stRab-id/Rabid/Raeann
HM.Escape From Destiny by Cassi
HM.What is Choice? by Melissa

The Way Things Should Be Award
1.As In "Recent" by NautiBitz
2.Facing the Mirrors by 1stRab-id/Raeann
HM.Caught Between Two Lovers by Pattyanne

Best Threesome Fic
1.One, Two, Three Series by Nautibitz (S/B/Faith)
2.Double Spiked by Kantayra (S/B/Spike)
HM.Two In One by Colleen H. (S/B/William)
HM.Three Hearts Entwined by Mrs. Muir (S/B/Angel)

Most Unique Plot
1.Summer Son by redrover1980
2.Cast Away by Ripe Wicked Plum
HM.The Prophecy Of Two by Amanda K

The Elaborate Award a.k.a. Best Long Fic
1.Blue Horizons by Kantayra
2. Rhapsody in Oil by Eurydice
Speedway by Jypzrose

Best Challenge Response
1.Shattered by Larilyn
2.Love, War, and Marshmallows by Kantayra

Best BDSM Fic
1.The Education of Buffy Summers by SeaBlue
2.You Know You Want To by Sarah Aless

Outstanding Spike/Buffy NC17 Writer
2.KJ Draft
HM.Ripe Wicked Plum

Any Ship Awards (Includes all couple from ATS & BTVS)

Best Slash Fic: F/F

1.CV Series by WyndGyrl (Faith/Buffy)
2.Children of the Earth by Willow X (Willow/Buffy)
2.Faith & the Little Cave Slayer by faithful chickie (Buffy/Faith)

Best Slash Fic: M/M
1.A Chuisle Mo Chroi by Meg (William/Angelus; Spike/Angel)
2.Time Out of Time by Buddy (Oz/Xander)
HM.Repossession by Lazuli (Spike/Xander)

Best PWP Fic
1.Ice Cream Dreams by CN Winters (Willow/Tara/Xander)
What the Heart Wants by Princess Plum Jade (Angel/Cordy)
HM.The All American Boys by Chenanceou (Riley/Xander)


Best Conventional Ship Fic 
1.Sacrifice by Chrislee (Angel/Buffy)
2.Show Me by Susan Carr and CN Winters (Willow/Tara)
HM.Playtime by Washi (Willow/Tara)
HM.Vampire Overboard by Yseult deBreton (Buffy/Angel)

Best Unconventional Ship Fic
1.Sleepwalking by Spikedluv (Willow/Spike)
2.Strictly Platonic by Inell & Kylia (Spike/Willow)
HM.Done to Death by Anne Hedonia (Tara/Spike)

Best Threesome Fic
1.Sunday Girl by Dead Soul (Spike/Drusilla/Sunday)
2.A Crowd of Three by Pandag (Xander/Anya/Spike )
2.57 Minutes by Bitibot (Willow/Tara/Buffybot)

Most Unique Plot/AU
1.Not Forgotten by Jenni (Spike/Xander)
2.Images of Us by Tango (Buffy/Angel)
HM.CV Series by WyndGyrl (Faith/Buffy)

The Original Character Award
1.The Long Journey Into Darkness by crazy_girl_mary
2.Phantom Whispers by Jypzrose (Tara/Johnny, Willow/Mark)
2.Remission by Princess Plum Jade

Best Challenge Response
1.Fleur De Mal by Aileen E.
2.Immaculate Ejaculation by Buddy (Xander/Spike/Angel/Giles/Wesley)

Best BDSM Fic
1.Sunday Girl by Dead Soul (Spike/Drusilla/Sunday)
2.Skin Diver by Princess Plum Jade (Spike/Drusilla/Cordelia)
HM.Last One Standing by Kallie Rose

Best Crossover Fic
1.Visionary Kiss by Wic (Willow/Imhotep)
2.Prowlers by Princess Plum Jade
HM.True Colours by Tales-of-Spike

Outstanding NC17 Writer
1.Laure Alexander
2.KJ Draft
HM.Princess PlumJade


Site Awards

Best NC17 Archive

1.Wacky Witch Willow
2.Naughty Bits
HM.Deep Waters
HM.The Mystic Muse

Best Spike/Buffy Shipper Site
1.Vampire's Kiss
2.Sinister Attraction
HM.The Spuffy Realm

Outstanding Shipper Site
1.Beautiful Madness
HM.Cruel Obsessions

Best Character Site
1.Impish Eyes
2.Sinful As Silk
HM.Miss Kitty Fantastico For The Next Big Bad

Best OverAll Site
1.Call Of The Dark
2.Sinister Attractions

Best New Site
1.Mustang Cordy
2.Nothing Like the Sun
HM.Blissful Amber

Best Host
1.Flesh For Fantasy

Best Site Content
1.An Unforgettable Obsession
2.Poetry In Motion
HM.Beautiful Freak

Best Awards Site
1.Shadows & Dust Fanfiction Awards
2.Vampire Kisses Awards
HM.Feels like Heaven, Hurts like Hell Awards

Best Web Feature
1.HISTORY - Death-Marked Love
2.Buffy & Spike: Ever After - Screensaver

Fanart & Video Awards

Best Wallpaper Creator
HM.Carmel Hall

Best Piece of Fanart
1.Doorway by Darkwaith
2.Impossible? by San
HM.A Victorian Romance by Sailor Lum

Outstanding Fanart Creativity

Outstanding Fanartist
2.Ripe Wicked Plum

Best Shipper Video
1.Dangerous by Blondie (Spike/Angel)
1.My Immortal by Angelic Vampire
HM.Striptease by Patricia RD (Wesley/Lilah)

Best Spike/Buffy Video
1.Walk Away By Angelic Vampire
2.Eternal Flame by Jamie Bee
HM.Since I Fell For You by Blondie

Best Video
1.Dangerous by Blondie (Spike/Angel)
2.Forsaken by Nightmare Drusilla
HM.Who Wants To Live Forever? by San

Best Song Choice In a Video
1.You've Got A Friend In Me by Juleen (Spike/Xander)
2.Bring Me To Life by San
HM.Points of Authority by AngelicVampire

Outstanding Video Challenge  FMYA challenge
1.Walk Away By Angelic Vampire
2.Naked by Jenni
HM.I Hate Everything About You by Tangie & Jasmine  

Outstanding Video Creator
2.Nightmare Drusilla