All Fics MUST Be NC17 in Rating.

Spike/Buffy Awards

1. Outstanding NC17 Series - A Buffy/Spike fic that is more then 5 chapters.

2. Best PWP Fic - A Buffy/Spike fanfic with none to little plot.  Should be less then 2500 words.

3. Best Romance Fic  - A Spike/Buffy fic that has them on a journey to romance.

4. Best Episode Stealer Fic - A Spike/Buffy fic that either re-writes or continues an existing episode on the show.

5. Best Alternative Universe Fic - Any Spike/Buffy fic where they are human. No vamps. No hellmouth. No slayers. No demons.

6. Best Angst Fic - Any Spike/Buffy fic with an unhappy ending.

7. The Way Things Should Be Award - A fic where Buffy & Spike are in love with each other from the beginning.

8. Best Threesome Fic - Any Buffy/Spike/OTHER fic.

9. Most Unique Plot - A Spuffy fic that has a unique plot.

10. The Elaborate Award - Awarded to a Spuffy fic that is over 7500 words.

11. Best Challenge Response - Spuffy fics that have been created because of a challenge. The challenge MUST be included in the fic either at the beginning or the end.

12. Best Future Fic - Post Season 7 - A Spuffy fic that takes place after Chosen.

13. Best BDSM Fic- Spuffy fics that contain BDSM content. That means whips and chains and paddles oh my :-O! LOL. Among various other instruments.

14. Outstanding Spike/Buffy NC17 Writer - Three Buffy/Spike NC17 fanfics perr author will be judged.

Any Ship Awards (Includes all couples from ATS & BTVS)

1. Best Slash Fic - any type of slash fic. (Two awards will be given out for this for best Male Slash & Best Femme Slash)

2. Best PWP Fic - a porn what plot?, under 5000 words.

3. Best Conventional Ship Fic  - (see rules for list)

4. Best Unconventional Ship Fic - (see rules for list)

5. Best Threesomes/Morsesomes Fic - Any ??/??/?? fic.

6. Most Unique Plot/Alternative Universe - A fic that has a unique plot or a fic where the characters are human. No vamps. No Hellmouth. No slayers. No demons.

7. The Original Character Award - Fics that have an original character as a main character (S/B ships can apply for this award too).

8. Best Challenge Response - Fics that have been created because of a challenge. The challenge MUST be included in the fic either at the beginning or the end.

9. Best BDSM Fic- Fics that contain BDSM content. That means whips and chains and paddles oh my :-O! LOL. Among various other instruments.

10. Best Crossover Fic - A fic that crosses over with another show outside of Buffyverse. I.E. Buffy Bristow (BTVS/Alias) or Faith Lang (BTVS/Smallville).

11. Outstanding NC17 Writer - Three NC17 fanfics per author willl be judged.

Site Awards

1. Best NC17 Archive

2. Best Spike/Buffy Shipper Site

3. Outstanding Shipper Site - A site that include any pairing on btvs or ats.

4. Best Character Site - Just based on a site that is more Character specific then pairing specific.

5. Best OverAll Site - this award is based on graphics, layout, content.

6. Best New Site (NOW includes S/B sites as well) - A site that is either 6 months or younger or has less then 2000 hits. The date of opening MUST be on the site or it will not be added to the nominees page.

7. Best Host - A site that hosts 2 or more BTVS or ATS related sites, there must be a portal page.

8. Best Site Content- It must have at least 4 of these features, gallery, episode guide, biographies, quizzes, character guides, fanart, fanfic, videos, screen caps, spoilers/articles, interesting facts and the list can go on and on.

9. Best Awards Site- A site dedicated to awards ONLY that is 6 months or older or has gone through 3 or more rounds. >

10. Best Web Feature- something completely unique on your website, such as BTVS outtakes or make-up facts, or the ever changing hair of Anya, things to that effect.

11. Judge's Choice  - can not submit a nomination for this award.

Fanart & Video Awards

1. Best Wallpaper Creator - This award will be judged on 3 wallpapers by the same artist.

2. Best Piece of Fanart - One piece of fanart will be judge based on it's style and complexity .

3. Outstanding Fanart Creativity - Based on the complexity and clarity of the fanart as well as manips. At least two fanarts must be submitted.

4. Outstanding Fanartist - Five fanarts must be submitted for this category.

5. Best Shipper Video - A video based on any pairing from ATS or BTVS.

6. Best Video (NO SHIP REQUIRED)- A video that can be based on a pairing or not. If you enter the Best Shipper Video you CANNOT enter this category.

7. Best Song Choice In a Video - Judged on the songs content and the video made with the song.

8. Outstanding Video Challenge - A video created out of an FMYA challenge.

9. Outstanding Video Creator - Three videos must be submitted per creator for all three to be judged on song, content, clarity and etc.

10. Best Spuffy Video - You can not be entered in this category and the Best Shipper category. But you are allowed to enter The Best Video cat.

11. Judge's Choice - Two assigned judges will examine the videos and each choose there fav's.