Video Challenges


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Rules: All requirements must be present. Any amount of 'Major Characters' listed must be in the video. 'Minor Characters' & 'Extra Points' are optional.

All challenges are based on the show.  The main point of these challenges are to you use the song.  So if you have another idea for the go for it and submit it.



Song: Someday by Nickelback
Requirements: Can only show Canon pairings
Story Board: showing the tragic endings of a couple or couples
Main Characters: Buffy/Spike or Buffy/Angel, Xander/Anya, Willow/Tara, Wesley/Lilah or Fred/Gunn.
Extra Points: If it is only one couple.



Song: I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace
Requirements: Spuffy Video or Connor/Angel video
Story Board: showing Spike/Buffy's relatioship or Connor/Angel's relationship
Main Characters: Buffy/Spike OR Connor/Angel
Extra Points: If you can make it a dual video with both B/S and Connor/Angel



Song: Keep On Singing My Song by Christina Aguilera
Requirements: Females impowerment type video.  The end scene of Chosen and the Turning of all of the potentials into Slayers.
Story Board: showing the women of BTVS & ATS overcoming obstacles
Main Characters: Buffy, Willow, Cordy & Fred.
Minor Characters: All of the SIT's, Dawn, Lilah, Anya.
Extra Points: Buffy & The Gang standing up to Tara's Family in 'Family'



Song: Where You Are by Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
Requirements: Must be a couples video.
Story Board: Must show the tragic ending of the couple
Main Characters: Any cannon couple from either show.
Minor Characters: none.
Extra Points: For making this a simple Tara/Willow or Spuffy video



Song: Anybody by Brandy - album:  Full Moon
Requirements: Must be either Spuffy video or a Buffy/Angel (cannot be both)
Story Board: All of the secretive Buffy/Spike moments in season 6 & 7 or Buffy/Angel throughout the seasons of both shows.
Main Characters: Buffy/Spike or Buffy/Angel.
Minor Characters: none.
Extra Points:

IF BUFFY/ANGEL VID: Or using the 'I Will Remember You' Buffy & Angel Kitchen romp scene

IF SPUFFY VID: For using the Chosen - Buffy/Spike flaming hand season


Song:Destiny by Zero 7
Requirements: Must be a couples video.
Story Board: up to you.
Main Characters: Any cannon couple.
Minor Characters: none.
Extra Points: Using a Kendra/Xander scene or Angel/Faith


Song: More Than A Woman by Aaliyah - Album: Aaliyah 2001
Requirements: Must have women in action sequences being strong in presence or just girls kicking ass ;). Must have atleast 3 fight scenes.
Story Board: Video must express woman impowerment
Main Characters: Buffy, Faith, Willow, Sydney, The Halliwell Sisters
Minor Characters: Darla, Drusilla, Kendra, Glory, Cordelia.
Extra Points: In corporate Nikki (1977 - Slayer) fighting Spike in season 5 episode Fool For Love


Song: If I Could Fall In Love by Lenny Kravitz - Album: Lenny 2001
Requirements: Must show the siring of Angel by Darla or Drusilla by Spike
Story Board: Must have one of the following love triangles
Main Characters: Drusilla/Spike/Buffy, Darla/Angel/Buffy
Minor Characters: NONE
Extra Points: Make which ever pairing you choose have a happy ending (even though we know better ;)

Song: Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake - Album: Justified 2002
Requirements: Must have at least 3 fight scenes.
Story Board: This video show show obsessive men.
Main Characters: Angelus, Spike, Wesley
Minor Characters: The Trio spying on the Gang.
Extra Points: Warren and Katrina bar scene from Dead Things

Song: Sugar Water by Cibo Matto - Album: Viva! La Woman 1996
Requirements: Must have characters dancing from bother Angel & Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Story Board: Dance at the Bronze or clubs and any club fights.
Main Characters: Dawn, Buffy, Faith.
Minor Characters: Anyone.
Extra Points: Xander doing the Snoppy dance. Major points if you get the Angel dance scene from season 1 of ATS, She.

Song: Ugly by Bubba Sparxx - Album: Dark Days Bright Night 2001

Show: BTVS/ATS or Charmed
Requirements: Showing the ugly baddies from either Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Charmed.
Story Board: Demons in action sequences.
Main Characters: The Gentlemen, The First Vamp, The Harbingers, The Master
Minor Characters: Balthazar, Anyaka, Ken, The Judge, Kakistos, Zombies
Extra Points: Using Evil Willow

Song: Naked by Avril Lavigne - Album: Let Go 2002
Requirements: A couples video.
Story Board: All scenes must be between a couple
Main Characters: Spike/Buffy, Anya/Xander, Fred/Gunn, Tara/Willow or Willow/Oz
Minor Characters: any minor couples
Extra Points: adding Dawn & Justin kissing.

Song: Hey Baby by No Doubt - Album: Rock Steady 2001

Show: Alias, Angel or Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Requirements: An action video.
Story Board: All scenes must be fight scenes or action scenes
Main Characters: ANYONE
Minor Characters: ANYONE
Extra Points: Having the Angel episode Apocalypse, Nowish fight scene in the club (With Gunn, Lorne, Wesley, Angel vs. The Beast).

Song: Safe & Sound by Sheryl Crow - Album: C'mon C'mon 2002
Requirements: A tear jerker video. The video must begin with one of these Five scenes,

1. Buffy kneeling over Kendra's body in 'Becoming'.
2. Buffy finding her mother's body, in 'The Body'
3. The Angel Investigations Office getting blown up in 'To Shanshu in LA'.
4. Willow telling Angel about Buffy's death in 'There's No Place Like...'
5. Doyle's death in 'Hero'.
Story Board: All scenes should have much angst, death and tears.
Main Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Anya, Faith, Giles
Minor Characters: Tara, Wesley, Doyle
Extra Points: Using Darla giving birth to Connor. Ending with Buffy's death in 'The Gift' or ending the video with Doyle's death in Hero.

Show: ATS
Song: Girlfriend by B2K - Pandemonium 2002
Requirements: Using two or more of the major character pairings.
Story Board: The guys of ATS going after there girls.
Main Characters: Fred/Gunn, Angel/Cordy, Connor/Connor, Groo/Cordy.
Minor Characters: Wesley/Virginia, Angel/Gwen.
Extra Points: Using Gunn and Gwen scenes.

Show: Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Song: Family Portrait by Pink - Misundaztood 2001
Requirements: You only have to do one show.
Story Board: Showing the functional and dyfunctional families on either show.
Main Characters:
Angel: Angel & father, Fred & her parents
BTVS: Buffy & her family, Xander & his parents, Robin & Nikki, Spike & his mother
Extra Points: For using a Gunn & his Sister or Dolye & his wife

Show: BTVS
Song: Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park - Meteora 2003
Requirements: none
Story Board: A Slayer's video
Main Characters: Buffy
Minor Characters: Kendra, Faith, Nikki, Chinese Slayer (1900), The First Slayer
Extra Points: Using how the 3 African men made the first Slayer. Ending with Buffy's death in 'The Gift. Using Faith fighting The Beast or Angelus.

Song: Miss Independant by Kelly Clarkson
Requirements: Using all seven clips
Main Characters: Any of the women from BTVS or ATS.
Bonus: lots of First Evil -Girls (i.e. Buffy, Jenny, Eve etc.)

Song: Fighter by Christina Aguilera
Requirements: Using Buffy, Faith, Kendra & Nikki
Main Characters: Faith or Buffy or it can be a Slayer montage
Bonus: All slayers ever on the show, The Chinese Slayer and The First Slayer

Song: I Do by 3LW
Requirements: Using all flirty scenes in ATS or BTVS
Main Characters: Any flirting or cuteness from BTVS or ATS.
Bonus: Spike/Faith in DG or Dancing/Partying